When is it advisable to start with Business Architecture?

Always wanted to know when you could best use Business Architecture (BA)? Below we describe how Business Architecture could support your company and what benefits you could get from it.

Business Architecture is intended to ensure that the organization is properly coordinated from all parts. Business Architecture shows, how an organization is built from the smallest point to the largest process. BA can clearly show how all aspects of your company such as the processes, organization and figures can fit together or precisely walk completely apart, often by means of a digital Business Process Management software tool. If you are still looking for a similar tool, we can wholeheartedly recommend the BlueDolphin tool!

Every company, from the small entrepreneur to the largest franchise company, can benefit from Business Architecture or such a BPM software tool. Here are a few examples of how this process has helped or could help different organizations through applying Business Architecture:

  • Starting a new business.
  • Solving problems within the company
  • Researching a new market or target group
  • Investigating the need for a new product or service on the market
  • Transforming the business for the needs of the customer
  • Bringing together all aspects such as employees, processes, technology and services.
  • Reinventing what the company stands for, its vision and mission
  • Reorganization of corporate structures
  • Stimulating evolution and modernization
  • Make a decision about an important and reforming situation


First, it is always advisable to involve Business Architecture from the start of your business start-up. And preferably already before. Do not hesitate to outsource a good amount of money, as it could give you many positive experiences and possibly even greater buoyancy at a later time. Understanding your business is the most important thing there is and could save you from many mistakes and perhaps bankruptcy.