Used Industrial Generator Sets


Are you looking for a generator to power your business either as back-up power, temporary on-site power or as a primary power source but are concerned about the cost of a new generator set? If yes, we can help.

Finding and buying a reliable used industrial generator set is a wise move because it gives you the energy that you wanted without denting your financial plan significantly. In fact, you could end up saving up to 70% off the initial price by purchasing a used industrial generator set from us. Below is a review of some of the used industrial generator sets that you could consider purchasing for your business.


Cummins 6 CTA 8.3 G2 is a commercial generator set that features a fully integrated power generation system. It is designed to deliver optimum performance with reliability as a stationary standby power supplier, a primary source of power as well as for continuous duty applications.


It features a heavy-duty diesel engine that delivers reliable power of 230v, with low emissions and a great response to load changes. Its auto-start and stop electronic control system provides a seamless operation.

It also features a standard integral set-mounted radiator system that cools the entire generator system. With the weather-protective and sound-attenuated enclosures, you can comfortably set it outside your business premises without the worry of noise pollution or damage from harsh weather elements.


If you are looking for a used generator set of up to 75 kva HP, then a Perkins KVT 750 RPE is the right choice. The Perkins generator engines adopt the latest technology that ensure the brand is of high quality and reliable even after being used for a long time.

Perkins KVT 750 RPE features an auto-start engine that doesn’t rely on the help of pre-heaters even at -10C but with a cold start aid at -25C. This engine performs optimally in all weather conditions. Moreover, if you don’t want a difficult to maintain generator set, this one operates at very low costs and requires little maintenance.

With an electronic fuel management system, this Perkins generator set consumes very little fuel thus reducing power costs considerably. So, if you are looking to reduce your power costs at your business premises or home, this used Perkins KVT 750 generator set can be the right deal.



The MTU 12V2000 biodiesel generator set is an industrial generator that is designed to generate power for running heavy field equipment. If you want a used industrial generator set that you can use in your construction or industrial applications as a primary source of power or as a standby generator, this MTU 12V2000 model is ideal.

This generator can deliver power up to 750 HP which is enough to run your heavy industrial equipment reliably. You can also carry it to your construction site to provide power as it comes with a portable design.

It features an intuitive control panel, a circuit breaker, block heater. These and many other great features are aimed at making this generator set perform to its optimum while ensuring the soot emission are kept low by its three turbocharges. If you are operating with a constrained budget yet you want a great generator set for use, the used MTU 12V2000 series can come in handy!


The Mitsubishi S12R is a powerful and reliable used industrial generator to you can buy affordably to use in your daily power needs. It comes with a unique design that offers a lightweight and portable configuration.

This generator set is easy to maintain as most of the accessories are concentrated on one side of the engine. Moreover, the exterior engine piping is replaced by the internal accessories thus eliminating the chances of pipe breakage. The internal installation of accessories also ensures the generator is durable as crucial components are kept away from destructive elements.

With 1125 Kva HP, you can be sure to get enough power to run all your heavy industrial equipment at a low cost. So if you are looking for reliability and maximum performance of a used industrial generator set, pick the MITSUBISHI S12R, you won’t regret!


The Cummins 4BT industrial engine generator is designed for those who want a generator set that is of high fuel efficiency and delivers enough electricity to power their industrial premises.

This generator features a compact design engine that is durable and dependable. The 4BT engine contains 40% fewer accessories compare to other competitive generator sets. With this, you have a portable generator set and lower repair costs to incur.

It also comes with a great cold start performance with optional help cold starter that has improved 6.6kw starter as well as intake air heater. With its advanced design, it achieves higher HP and lower weight thus making it reliable and conveniently portable. The Cummins 4BT used industrial generator set is a great option if you are budget constrained but want a dependable industrial generator to use.

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The Detroit Diesel 12V-71T industrial generator set is designed to deliver 440kw of power for industrial use at 1800 RPM. It comes with a broad-range exciter that ensures its stability to deliver any required voltage within its output range.

The Detroit Diesel 12V-71T generator engine is a product of Detroit Diesel that has earned a reputation of producing industrial generators that are of high quality and reliable. This generator set is ideal as a standby power unit in industrial premises, medical facilities among others. You can get this used generators set affordably to serve your needs just like a brand new can.

Do you want any of these used industrial generator sets for your industrial or commercial use? Contact us and book an appointment to test run and for an inspection today!