The most popular pizza toppings

Pizzas belong to the most popular type of food in the world, it is for a reason that roughly 17% of all the restaurants globally are pizzerias. But what makes the pizza this popular? A big reason is the huge amount of toppings you can use on a pizza, it’s fun to experiment with the toppings to try and find what kinds you like the best. Obviously there are a few very popular toppings, which toppings are we talking about? 


Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the world, it even graces the pizza emoji and gets used in most of the pizza commercials. The reason why pepperoni is this popular, is that the salty and spicy flavour combines extremely well with the mild flavour of the cheese and tomato sauce. 


Funghi is another popular pizza topping and gets eaten worldwide. Pizza funghi is a very traditional and old pizza, it has been a popular topping for many decennia and you can find it on the menu of a lot of pizzerias and restaurants. you can also easily prepare a pizza funghi by yourself, you can buy a pizza crust at the Italian pizza supplier or in the store and cover it with delicious mozzarella, (freshly made) tomato sauce and funghi. It’s that easy. 


Even though pepperoni is technically a sausage, pizza sausage is considered to be a different kind of pizza because of wide variety of sausages you can choose to put on the pizza as a topping. Most people choose for the Italian spicy sausage, a real classic. And for the same reasons as pepperoni it combines extremely well with the cheese, tomato sauce and the crispy pizza crust. Though, you have several kinds of Italian sausages, with a different range of spiciness. To add to the flavour of a pizza sausage, fennel is a herb that compliments the spicy taste really well. 


Who doesn’t love chicken? Chicken itself is a very popular dish all around the world, it’s not too crazy to think that it’s also a very popular type of pizza topping. A big advantage of chicken is that the taste is quite neutral, because of this you can combine chicken with a lot of different ingredients. Some popular pizzas with chicken are BBQ chicken, sweet chicken, chicken kebab and spicy chicken. Plenty of choices!