Protection for your wall while playing darts

Playing darts is actually throwing sharp arrows in a dart board at a fixed distance. This could lead to darts being thrown into the wall or the ground if they bounce off the dart board. People who are new into the sport don’t know how to throw yet, so they are not good at aiming their darts.
Problems like this occur regularly so there are darts accessories that can protect your wall or the floor you are playing on.

Dart board wall protector

A dart board backboard or a dart board wall protector is something around your dart board that can protect your wall. If you throw your darts above or under the dart board they will end up in the wall protector. This is great, so that there aren’t any holes in your wall after a game of darts.
Also another word for the wall protector is dart surround. These terms differ, but have the same purpose to protect your wall.

Dart surround

Dart surrounds are in different colors and different sizes. You can also choose on the website to customize your dart surround with a custom text or custom logo on it.
On the page you will find the dart surround, then you could easily add a photo or text on the surround with the customization tool on the website.

It is highly recommended to use a dart surround, because it protects your wall and your darts. By using this it prevents darts ending up in the wall which is not good for the tips you are using.